The 32nd China International Screen Printing Exhibition and the 3rd China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition


The China International Screen Printing Exhibition, sponsored by the China Screen Printing Industry Association, has held 31 sessions so far. It is an international exhibition of screen printing, jet printing and special printing industries with important influence in China, ranking among the four largest screen printing exhibitions in the world.
The China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (PRINT CHINA), sponsored by the China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, and the Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT) echo each other from the north to the south, and complement each other. It has become an exhibition event of global printing attention.
After four years, China International Screen Printing Exhibition and China Canton Printing Exhibition once again gathered in Dongguan, South China, and jointly held at the same time at Dongguan Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center from April 7 to 12, 2015. It is expected that the exhibition area will exceed 150000 square meters, with more than 1400 exhibitors and more than 200000 professional visitors.


1、 Based on tradition, develop and innovate, and expand deeply into professional subdivisions
1. Expand to precision screen printing fields such as film switch, IMD, photovoltaic, touch screen, PCB, etc
This exhibition will actively expand the fields of precision screen printing technology, such as PCB, film switch, function key, IMD, soft circuit, paper battery, photovoltaic and touch screen, centering on the Pearl River Delta.
2. Deeply expand to the fields of glass, ceramics, flower paper, etc
The traditional screen printing fields such as glass, ceramics and floral paper are entering an important stage of industrial transformation and upgrading. In the important period of integration of automation, intelligence and digital jet printing technology, the professional committee of the Association will play a more important role in vigorously promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and promoting the sustainable development of the industry. This exhibition will open a special area to display equipment, equipment and technical solutions in glass, ceramics, floral paper and other subdivisions.
3. Lead textile printing to expand in the direction of automation, intelligence, digital printing and green
In the era of industrial transformation and rapid increase in labor costs, traditional printing will develop in the direction of automation, efficiency, intelligence and green; In today's era of frequent fashion changes, digital printing will become a new highlight to improve the added value of printing. Traditional printing and digital printing compete with each other and complement each other is the mainstream of the future development of China's printing industry. The traditional screen printing industry urgently needs to improve the contribution of innovation to the development of enterprises, extend to the depth of intelligent industrial digital printing collar, and expand the value-added space of traditional screen printing and digital printing.

2、 Take advantage of the "Guangzhou Printing Exhibition" to further expand to the special printing and packaging industry
Special packaging and printing such as cigarette bags, wine bags, tea bags and gift boxes have developed rapidly in recent years. Expanding the application of screen printing in the field of packaging and printing and improving the added value of screen printing technology are the main focus of this exhibition. The China Printing Industry Association has issued extensive invitations. It is estimated that more than 200000 people from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East and other parts of the world will visit the exhibition. In addition, more than 50 summit forums and technical exchange activities such as the 3rd International Printing Technology Development Forum (Forum-PT 2015) and the 5th China Print Awards Ceremony will also be held during the exhibition.


3、 The splendor cannot be duplicated, and the grand occasion will be presented soon
Print China 2011 attracted 1261 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions around the world; 171256 professional visitors from 112 countries and regions visited the venue; Over 60 technical exchange activities were held during the same period.
At present, this exhibition has received strong support from international friendly associations such as Global Print, Asia Print, SGIA, ESMA, KSGIA and SGAI.
Up to now, international first-tier printing, screen printing and digital jet printing manufacturers such as SPS, Dongyuan, Heidelberg, MAN, Gaobao, Sakurai, HP, AGFA, EPSON, KODAK, CANON, KENT, Henghui, Nanda, Sanhe, Tianyuan, Changlian, Nanli, Convergence, Taiwei, Runtianzhi have all participated in the exhibition in a large area.
With high specifications and wide coverage, the 2015 China Canton Printing Exhibition and China International Screen Printing Exhibition, which the global printing industry is looking forward to, will meet with you in Dongguan, Guangdong on April 7-12. The exhibition will last for 6 days, and the splendor will not be duplicated!