Pan Ricong, a person from the rooftop: My root is still in the rooftop


Mr. Pan Ricong won the title of "Top Ten Charming Zhejiang Merchants"

"I am a rooftop person. No matter where I am, my root is still in the rooftop." He said: "As a member of the rooftop people, I have the obligation to publicize and build the rooftop, encourage and promote every friend around me to come to the rooftop, let them know the rooftop, love it, and build it."
At the beginning of the 1990s, Pan Ri, in his early twenties, came to Guangdong alone and started the traditional screen business of the rooftop. However, at that time, the traditional screen business was in peril: low technology content and narrow development space made it difficult to adapt to the needs of industry development. As a result, Pan Ri began to consciously look for new alternative products. Soon after, he found that an imported screen was widely used in the industrial filter cloth and screen printing industry, with high price and tight supply. He immediately realized that this was an excellent business opportunity and obtained the agency right during a visit to the exhibition. In this way, Pan Ri started the business of high-tech products from the first step.
It is the opportunity captured from the crisis that has made Pan Ri's current career. So he believes that the current financial crisis is a disaster and an opportunity. Pan Ricong said that at present, enterprises should consider how to survive, and only survive can they develop. Therefore, enterprises should learn to choose, learn to give up, try to make the existing industry specialized, refined and strong, try to reduce expansion, dormant strength, and ready to go.