Guangzhou • Nanda "Goddess Festival" million sunflower garden happy tour



In March, spring is warm and flowers are blooming! At the "March 8th" International Goddess Festival, Guangzhou South University organized an outing to celebrate the "March 8th" female employees with the theme of "getting close to nature, broadening vision, swimming in the sea of flowers, relaxing body and mind".




On March 8, under the personal organization and leadership of the leaders of Guangzhou South University, the female employees who participated in the "March 8" outing came to Nansha Million Sunflower Garden to watch the sunflower flower sea, lavender flower sea, colorful flower fields, mysterious rose garden in the Netherlands and other scenic spots. Goddesses enjoy flowers, smell the fragrance of flowers, smile like flowers, show their most beautiful youth and style, and celebrate the "Goddess's Day", which is more beautiful than flowers.




Although Tiangong (weather) is not very cooperative and tightens its face, it does not affect the mood and interest of the female compatriots to get together and relax. The female compatriots enjoy flowers, rest, take photos, play and laugh in the sunflower garden.




Of course, in addition to the colorful flower sea, we also have "Goddesses" who are beautiful like flowers.