Chairman Pan Ricong attended the ESMA 2008 Council


At the invitation of the European Screen Printing Manufacturers Association (ESMA), Pan Ricong, the president of the China Screen Printing Industry Association, and Wang Jian, the book transfer director, attended the 2008 annual council of the European Screen Printing Manufacturers Association in Rome, Italy, on November 29-30, 2007.

The European Screen Printing Manufacturers Association (ESMA) is an association of equipment and material manufacturers in the European screen printing, digital and mobile printing and other special printing industries. It has a Technical Development and Standardization Working Committee (TDS); Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Working Committee (HSEP): Exhibition Promotion and Publicity Working Committee (EP) and Application Working Committee (APPL ICATIONS).

Pan Ri, chairman of the China Screen Printing Industry Association, introduced the overall development and market situation of China's screen printing industry: Wang Jianyi, chairman of the Association, gave a comprehensive introduction to the ESMA Council on the organization structure, membership, the magazine Screen Printing Industry, training, technical forum and China International Screen Printing Exhibition.

China International Screen Printing Exhibition has been successfully held for 25 times and has become a famous brand exhibition in China and even the world. With the goal of "serving China and facing the world", China International Screen Printing Exhibition will closely grasp the "Yangtze River Delta" and "Pearl River Delta", the two regions with the fastest development of China's special printing industry, and strengthen the linkage with relevant industry exhibitions to expand the application of screen printing and special printing. "At the same time, the China Screen Printing Industry Association pays close attention to both domestic and foreign markets, introduces and goes out, cultivates markets, strengthens training, enhances technical exchanges, vigorously promotes standardization and certification, and strives to improve the overall quality of China's screen printing manufacturing industry and international brand awareness.

The 25th China International Rigid Printing Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center on March 18-20, 2008, in conjunction with the two major electronic circuit boards and semiconductor and optoelectronics exhibitions, CPCa and Semicon 2008, with a total exhibition area of 7000 square meters. This exhibition has received strong support from international associations such as China Electronic Circuit Industry Association, China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, American International Special Printing Association (SG ェ A), European Screen Printing Manufacturers Association (ESMA) Zhengtai Screen Printing Association (ASGa), Japan Screen Printing Materials Association (JASPS), India Screen Printing Association (SGAI) and so on, Taking "serving China and facing the world" as an important goal of the Association's development, it will lead the Chinese special printing industry to be higher, faster and stronger.

As the only representative outside Europe invited to participate in the ESMA Council, the China Screen Printing Industry Association was highly praised by more than 30 ESMA directors attending the meeting, and said that in the future, it would further strengthen the communication and cooperation between Europe and China in market information, standardization, environmental protection, technical training, exhibition expansion and other aspects, strive to make the screen printing market bigger and stronger, and constantly expand new application areas, Jointly serve the screen printing and special printing industries in China and Europe.

Pan Ri invited the new chairman of ESMA from the president Pedrodrodriguez and his representatives came to Shanghai, China on March 18, 2008 to visit the 25th China International Screen Printing Exhibition, Mx President Pedrodorriguez accepted the invitation happily and said that he would personally organize a delegation to China to participate in the grand event of China's screen printing industry