Special Report on the 2015 New Year Dinner of Guangzhou Nanda University


The steed bid farewell to the old year, and the golden sheep heralded the spring. In the new year, pregnant with new goals and hopes, the 2015 New Year Dinner of Guangzhou South University was held at 18:00 on February 11 at Guangzhou Treasure Pearl Hotel. The company's leaders and all employees gathered here to enjoy the grand banquet. The activity site was full of passion, enthusiasm and active atmosphere. At the annual meeting, Ms. Pang Aijiao, the general manager of the company, first expressed welcome to the guests and greetings for the new year, and made an important summary of the work of Nantah in 2014, affirmed the efforts and achievements of various departments in 2014, and put forward new hopes and requirements for the development of the company in 2015. Next, Zhang Guantao, manager of the company's electronic circuit business department, and Zhang Zhen, manager of the glass container plastic business department, delivered speeches respectively, expressing their vision for the next work, hoping for new breakthroughs, new progress and achievements in the new year.


   Ms. Pang Aijiao, General Manager of the Company, delivered an important speech


The party was composed of lottery, games, staff performance and other links. The partners from all departments brought wonderful songs to sing, and also interspersed with interesting games. Everyone put their heart into it, presenting the happy feast of the Nantah family. These not only bring laughter to everyone, but also make the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. With the extraction of the third prize, the second prize, the first prize and the special prize, the climax of the party has been constantly raised. The company's leaders and employees interacted with each other, and the exciting raffle activity made the singing, applause and cheers always ripple in the venue. The whole party was full of harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.



 The annual meeting ended with the host Tang Wenjuan's thank-you speech. 2014 is about to leave us. In the past year, we have both laughter and tears; Just like the spiritual totem of the company, Nirvana is reborn, tenacious and persistent, honest and pragmatic, and constantly surpasses. In the past 17 years since the company was founded in 1997, Nanda has been on the road, never stopping the pace of progress, glowing with passion with ideals, burning the cause with passion; 2015 will be a year full of challenges, opportunities and hopes. In the face of various challenges and opportunities, as long as we are firm in our confidence, down-to-earth, unified in our thinking and concerted efforts, Guangzhou South University will surely achieve a new and greater leap!