Guangzhou South University "March 8th" tourism activities


In March, spring is fragrant, flowers are blooming, the earth is full of the smell of early spring, and the charm of spring is everywhere. On the occasion of the "March 8" International Women's Day, in order to harmonize the corporate culture, highlight the humanistic care, and let all the female compatriots of the company spend the annual March 8 Women's Day easily and happily. On March 8, 2015, the company organized all male and female compatriots to go to Xitou Village, Conghua and Tianshi Cherry Blossom Leisure Park for a one-day tour.
Through this activity, we have greatly released the pressure in work, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of nature, experienced the joy of life from playing, and the collective strength has also quietly gathered in the activity; At the same time, all female employees will fully feel the incomparable joy and happiness brought by the festival, and will promote all employees to better participate in the new work.