The Confucian businessman Pan Ri became the boss from calm and relaxed


Generally speaking, Confucian businessmen refer to entrepreneurs with high cultural literacy, Confucian ethics and value orientation, self-improvement and innovative spirit, namely "literati+businessmen". Pan Ricong is such a person. He is young, wise and elegant, which conforms to our image of a Confucian businessman.

Generally speaking, Confucian businessmen refer to entrepreneurs with high cultural literacy, Confucian ethics and value orientation, self-improvement and innovative spirit, namely "literati+businessmen". Pan Ricong is such a person. He is young, wise and elegant, which conforms to our image of a Confucian businessman.

Pan Ricong, one of the leading figures in the national screen printing industry, is worthy of being a young man in the Tianshan business. At the age of 36, he is very happy in his business, and he is very comfortable in his life. I travel abroad every three or five days and bring back some good projects. In my spare time, I play bowling and golf. Pan Ricong's wonderful life is not only admirable, but also enviable.




"Weicai" Pan Ricong

In the national screen printing industry, Pan Ricong is a famous "weirdo". Most geeks have high intelligence. Pan Ricong's IQ is reflected in his unexpected decisions and successful actions.

In the early 1990s, Pan Ri, in his early twenties, came to Guangdong alone and started the traditional screen business in our county. In the process of operation, he was keenly aware of the crisis of traditional screen: low technology content, narrow development space, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of industry development. So he began to consciously look for new alternative products. Soon after, he found that an imported screen was widely used in the industrial filter cloth and screen printing industry, with high price and tight supply. Panri immediately realized that this was an excellent business opportunity. During a visit to the exhibition, he finally found the Swiss company that produced the silk screen. Through negotiation, he won the trust of the other party and obtained the agency. In this way, Pan Ri started the business of high-tech products and established Guangzhou Nanda Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. by taking the lead and connecting with the world's leading technology.

Silk screen printing is a very characteristic industry, with few knowledge. It is difficult for laymen to penetrate, but it is also an indispensable industry. It plays a pivotal role in China's printing industry. Such as electronic circuit board, ceramics, advertising, plastic, textile and other industries, are inseparable from silk screen. Pan Ri is absolutely a master of business opportunities and a person who will never let go of opportunities. In addition to taking the initiative to expand the market, he also actively established contact with famous overseas suppliers and obtained exclusive agency rights. At the same time, he also actively established close cooperative relations with domestic application companies, and won the trust of customers with his integrity, technology and diligence.

Pan Ri has been well versed in the principles of capital expansion and reproduction in political economics, and based on Guangdong, has developed its business to other provinces. In a short period of more than 10 years, Nantah's business has expanded rapidly to many cities outside Guangdong Province, and its branches have spread across the country. Pan Ricong's wealth accumulation has also reached an unprecedented level.

In the process of development, Pan Ricong always has many unexpected "strange tricks". For example, he suddenly withdrew from the agency of Saifa products in Switzerland in its heyday and turned to operate the Italian Sati brand, which was rarely seen in the market at that time, and finally became the largest agent of Sati brand in the Asia-Pacific region. For example, after China's entry into the WTO, his Nantah Company has taken the lead in the research and development, and adapted to the challenges of the new situation with its own intellectual property products. The abandonment, choice and foresight of Pan Ricong have caught competitors unprepared and convinced the insiders.

 "Good man" Pan Ricong

Whether in the eyes of customers, employees or family members, Pan Ricong is a famous good man.

Pan Ri clearly realized that as a material supplier, the salesperson represents the company's service level. Therefore, every business personnel should not only have excellent business development ability, but also have excellent technical service ability to help customers solve problems encountered in the actual production process. Therefore, Pan Rizi often invited some internationally renowned silk screen technology experts to the company for technical training.

For employees, Nantah has considerable room for growth. Here, we can not only learn technology, but also have broad prospects for development. Some excellent employees have been assigned to the branch as the boss. Pan Ricong provided these bosses with the platform of Nanda brand and gave them an idea to start their own businesses. They take part of the profits of the Nantah Branch, which is to extract a part from the performance. This kind of incentive mechanism has appropriately mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, brought their potential into full play, and created great wealth for Nantah.

As the boss of the company, Pan Ri has also taken a step ahead of his employees in learning technology. He has successively learned from technical experts in Sweden and Italy, and absorbed the essence of the international silk screen top technology. At present, Pan Ricong is studying at Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University EMBA. It is this enterprising and far-sighted attitude that makes Pan Ricong conquer one customer after another.

Once, a customer in Xiamen had a problem in the operation, which caused the entire production line to stop production, and the loss was amazing. He turned to Nanda for help in a hurry. Pan Ri flew to Xiamen as the chief engineer of Nantah University. After several days and nights of debugging, it finally helped the factory resume production. The boss of the factory was impressed by Pan Ri's superb technology, and planned to hire him to work in the company on favorable terms, which revealed that he was the boss of Nantah. Naturally, this enterprise has become a long-term customer of Nantah and has maintained a good business relationship. In the development of Nantah, there are countless similar stories. Customers choose Nanda not only because of its high-quality products, but also because of its high-quality technical services.

At work, Pan Ri strictly demands every employee; In life, they are integrated with employees. At work, Pan Ri was a respected boss; After work, he is a trusted friend. Pan Ricong always actively participated in various activities organized in the company; When an employee is in trouble, he will try his best to help. The younger brother of Miss Liu, a Hubei employee, died in a car accident. Pan Ri, after learning the situation, took the initiative to approve the leave and donate money to help; Mr. Yang, a poor Zhejiang employee, was ill and hospitalized. Pan Ri paid for his medical expenses quietly. Be approachable in work and considerate in life. Little by little, Nanda has formed a strong synergy.

Pan Ricong, who has a successful career, also enjoys the happiness of family. Manager Yang of Nantah said: "President Pan is not only good to customers and employees, but also has a very good feeling for his wife." Indeed, no matter what his predecessors have done, Pan Ri will always be proud to mention his wife. He said: "Nantah's development has half the credit of my wife. Aijiao's excellent management ability makes me feel relieved to fight in the market; Aijiao's considerate and considerate, let me enjoy life freely and happily."

 Be calm and relaxed as the boss

Health and career are equally important, and many people know this, but can't do it, but Pan Ricong has easily done it. He said, "I go to bed at more than 10 o'clock every night and get up at about 7 o'clock in the morning. I have enough sleep to ensure my work."

Pan Ri likes sports, especially ball games. He often takes advantage of his holidays to participate in various ball games, such as golf, bowling, table tennis, and so on. On the court, Pan Ri seems more dignified and energetic. Pan Ricong believes that only with good health can we do more. It is because of regular exercise that Pan Ri is guaranteed to have a healthy body to work.

Pan Ri is fond of traveling. Every time I travel abroad, I will bring back some more famous silk screen brands to act as agents, and also introduce some advanced management concepts. These advanced technologies and concepts are imported into Nantah University and "exported" after management improvement. In this way, Pan Ri has happily completed such processes from time to time.

In addition to having time to exercise and study abroad, Pan Ricong is also keen to participate in various social welfare activities and make friends. Due to its extensive social influence, Pan Ricong has successively served as the executive vice president of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, the executive vice president of the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in Tiantai, Zhejiang Province, and the visiting professor of the College of Textile and Clothing of Guangzhou University. Also because of his great contribution to the national screen printing industry, the young Pan Ricong was elected as the rotating chairman of the China Screen Printing Industry Association.

Pan Ri has fun from business. He is good at seizing opportunities, brave in exploration, and knows people and responsibilities, and has built up the glory of Nantah University. Nanda has become a gold-lettered signboard in the national screen printing industry, while Pan Ricong has become a banner in the industry. "It's better to let the wind and rain blow than to walk in a leisurely manner". As the boss, Pan Ricong's state of affairs is impressive, and Pan Ricong's colorful life is enviable.